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How to check Mobily sim number in Saudi Arabia?

In addition to Saudi citizens, more than 14 million expatriates from different countries are living in Saudi Arabia.

Also, many Muslims from different countries travel to Saudi Arabia every year to perform Umrah and Hajj. They use that country’s SIM while staying there.

Some of the popular SIM companies in Saudi Arabia are Mobily, STC, Zain, Friendy.

You will find all SIM offers in Saudi Arabia and rules for buying internet data, minutes, SMS and checking them on our Projukti Priyo website.

If you enter the Saudi Arabia section of the site, you will find all related articles. From today’s article, we will know the rules for extracting Mobily SIM numbers in Saudi Arabia.

If you are a Mobily sim user and you don’t know how to check Mobily sim number then hope you benefit from this article.

Because in today’s article I will discuss how you can find out your Mobily sim number very easily.

How to check Mobily sim number in Saudi Arabia?

How to see Mobily sim number?

There are many rules to check Mobily sim number in Saudi Arabia.

  • By dialing USSD code from Mobily sim.
  • By sending SMS from Mobily SIM.
  • Mobily uses mobile applications.
  • Through the official website of Mobily Company.
  • By contacting the office of the Mobily operator.
  • Call the helpline of the Mobily operator.
  • Through Mobily SIM Packet.

Also there are some other methods to check Mobily sim number.

However, in today’s article of Projukti Priyo Blog, I will discuss only the simplest methods, leaving out the complex methods.

How to find Mobily SIM number by dialing USSD code?

The easiest way to check your Mobily SIM number in Saudi Arabia is to dial *222# from your phone.

Then your Mobily number will immediately show on your mobile screen. You can write it down somewhere or take a screenshot.

How to find Mobily SIM number by sending SMS?

The 2nd easiest way to find out your Mobily SIM number in Saudi Arabia is to send an SMS from your mobile SIM.

  • For this go to the message option of your phone.
  • Then send an SMS to 1411 by writing “1” from your Mobily SIM.
  • Then after a short while an SMS will be sent to your phone. Where mobile number and SIM owner’s name will be written.

You can contact the Mobily helpline by calling 1100 for any need. They are ready to help you 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

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